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Life Insurance Explained

Life insurance is a policy where the insurer agrees to pay out a sum of money in the event of the policy holder's death. The main purpose is to protect the policyholder's family in return for this the policy owner pays a regular agreed premium which is calculated on the policyholders age, sex and medical history.

Term Insurance Explained

Term insurance pays out a fixed lump sum if the holder dies during the fixed period of the policy.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a form of security to provide for dependants such as children or spouses. For most people life insurance is an important commitment that gives the policyholder peace of mind should they die before their dependants.

Choosing The Right Insurance Policy

There are a vast range of life insurance policies available and it is very important to choose the right one to suit your circumstances. Check your budget and determine what kind of life insurance cover you require, bear in mind you can add additional cover such as critical illness to protect you or your partner should either of you be diagnosed with critical illness. Our advisers are here to help.

Where Can I Buy Life Insurance?

By using Over 50 Life Cover you could make online savings. We will compare the top insurers providing you with various quotes.

What Does It Cost?

The healthier you are the cheaper your premium will be, age is taken into account and if you smoke or perhaps are overweight this could affect the overall cost. What you pay depends on your personal circumstances and the life policy you eventually choose.

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