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Over 50 Life Cover

Over 50 Life Cover have helped 1000's of customers organise their financial affairs.

We are a life insurance comparison website company, who make it our aim to provide you with the right life insurance policy. We have been in the market for many years helping customers get the best life insurance product to suit their needs.

Our Aim

Being a comparison website we have access to 100's of life insurance policies. We use well known insurance companies that have expert advisors online who can help you choose the right product.

Our aim is to provide you with enough information for you to make an informed choice. There is no charge for this service.

Why us?

  1. We provide a free life insurance quote service online
  2. Our service gives you access to the best life insurance companies
  3. We make the process easy for you to compare all the life insurance policies available
  4. We use reputable high street companies who have expert advisors qualified in providing you with all the relevant important information you require helping you make the right decision

Does Over 50 Life Cover offer advice?

No, we don't offer advice we are an independant company offering a comparison website service.

How does Over 50 Life Cover make money?

Over 50 Life Cover offers a free service for visitors to use. We are paid a fixed fee for passing your details onto an insurance advisor which is the same amount regardless of which insurance company is selected.

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